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The USS Constitution Museum Team

Anne Grimes Rand

Anne Grimes Rand
President & Family Learning Project Director
Anne has been at the USS Constitution Museum for 20+ years serving as Curator, Deputy Director, Acting Director and President. As Project Director, she assisted in all aspects of the project including the orchestration of the overall project timeline, marking each project accomplishment with her favorite expression, “Huzzah!”

Robert Kiihne

Robert Kiihne
Director of Exhibits & Family Learning Project Manager
Robert has been designing and creating exhibits for more than two decades at various museums throughout the region. As Project Manager, he coordinates the exhibition development process within the Museum and also hires all out-of-house team members. Robert is well-known for his love of ice cream while creating!

Sarah Watkins

Sarah Watkins
Director of Collections and Learning
Sarah has been at the Museum for 12+ years and wears the hat of Director of Collections and Learning. She oversees the management of the collection and research staff. Sarah supervised the research team who spent months looking for references to the sailors who served on board CONSTITUTION. Sarah's fondness for ferreting out primary source material was rewarded when a terrier named Guerriere was discovered! He is the only canine on record, to date, who “served” on the ship during the War of 1812!

Other Contributors:

Burt Logan
Former President, USS Constitution Museum

Lynn D. Dierking
Sea Grant Professor in Free-Choice Learning, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR (previously Associate Director, Institute of Learning Innovation, Edgewater, MD)

Minda Borun
Director of Research, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA