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Front-end Evaluation

by USS Constitution Museum Team

Front-end evaluation is conducted during the beginning of a project, when you are developing an exhibit’s or program’s themes and content. It concentrates on getting input from your potential audience to find out what they know, what would like to know, and how this information could be presented in meaningful ways. It will often illustrate misconceptions and surprising interests audiences bring to your subject matter.

Front-end evaluation can:

  • Help you develop clear themes that mean the same thing to you and your audience
  • Lead to specific content and presentation elements to counter misconceptions about your subject
  • Identify content that really interests your audience
  • Identify content your audience does not and will not care about
  • Provide your audience input to the exhibit development process
  • Get some core visitors excited about your up coming project
  • Help you develop a successful PR plan

Front-end evaluation can take the form of interviews, focus groups, or surveys.