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A Project of the USS Constitution Museum

Which one is more important, the exhibit content or the exhibit experience?

If visitors do not have a good experience very little content will be delivered, much less remembered a week later. If visitors have a great experience they will remember your content long after leaving.

When exhibitions are viewed as more than the delivery of content, a world of exciting possibilities emerges …

  • What is the overall trajectory of the exhibit?
  • Like a good story or musical composition, where is the climax? 
  • Beyond a greater understanding of the content, what are your goals for the visitor experience? 

The exhibit team now looks at each exhibit element through a different lens: creating an enjoyable social experience as an equal priority to conveying content.

After realizing that our visitors’ experiences needed to come first and understanding who our visitors were, the USS Constitution Museum adopted a new strategy:

The Museum will provide a hands-on, minds-on environment where inter-generational groups seeking an enjoyable, educational experience can have fun and learn as they explore history together.